One of a Kind

About Our Unique Gemstone & Mixed Metal Jewelry

At Shaesby, we seek artistry in natural forms, beauty in asymmetry, along with a sense of joy in unexpected elements. Adornment, by nature, emulates and distills these organic forms and displays them as icons, symbols rich with meaning and emotional resonance.

Our Process

From the iridescent qualities of opal, moonstone, and labradorite to the subtle appeal of yellow and pink tourmaline, we design pieces informed by the singularity of our aesthetic vision. Through this, we explore the use of traditional lost wax casting and hand forging techniques to render new forms from equally timeless materials.

All of our unique gemstone jewelry is produced by hand in our Austin, TX studio, sourced from ethically-mined stones and metals.

Beauty in the Unexpected

Artistry demands exploration. At Shaesby, we strive to explore new possibilities during our design process, creating one of a kind jewelry. From inspiration to adornment, each piece passes through the practiced hands of our designers, inheriting a unique significance amplified through daily wear.

For more insight into our design process or if you’d like to inquire about custom pieces, please contact our studio.