Mixed Metal Jewelry

At Shaesby, our designs are influenced by visual forms in the world around us, from the subtle curvature of a butterfly wing to tonal color palettes found in nature, punctuated by luminous elements.

It’s the juxtaposition of form and tone that inspires our collection of mixed metal jewelry.

Handmade & Ethically Sourced

Our mixed metal jewelry is handmade in our Austin, Texas studio by dedicated artisans. Every piece is deliberately crafted, one at a time, using precious metals and gemstones that are responsibly and ethically sourced.

Blackened Silver

Along with handmade pieces in 14k and 18k yellow, white, and rose gold, we create blackened silver jewelry.

Sterling silver that has been blackened is often called ‘oxidized silver.’ Contrary to popular belief, ‘oxidized’ silver isn’t exposed to oxygen during the chemical process. Rather, sulfides are introduced, creating a distinctive patina.

Harnessing this unique process, many blackened silver pieces are rendered a matte, gunmetal tone. This finish can be used to offset elements that are more lustrous, like yellow gold, or as a contrasting setting for vibrant semi-precious stones such as turquoise and opal.

Our mixed metal jewelry shown with blackened silver is also available in brightened silver. The combination of yellow gold and brightened silver offers a subtle contrast.

Jewelry That Comes to Life

We conceive jewelry that goes beyond adornment. In each piece, we forge natural materials into designs that bring iconoclastic, visual statements into everyday forms.

As with the rest of our collection, our mixed metal jewelry is designed and made one piece at a time in our Austin, Texas studio.

For custom jewelry, private appointments, or if you’d like some insight into our creative process, please contact us for more information.