Our Classic Collection of Unique Fine Jewelry

We create unique fine jewelry that’s grounded in precise, time honored techniques such as lost wax casting, hand-forging, and stone setting. These methods are applied to precious metals such as yellow, rose, and white gold using precious and semi-precious stones. Timelessness is something seen throughout our collection of classics.

Form & Craftsmanship

Our design techniques are as equally timeless in practice as the jewelry created. Inspired by the purity of each element, precious metals are forged and cast, adorned with stones, and given sculptural forms. The end result is timeless unique fine jewelry.

In keeping with our ethos of responsibility, we only work with metals and stones that have been ethically-sourced.

Connect with Shaesby

For a Shaesby artisan, designing fine jewelry is about creating pieces that can be worn for a lifetime.

Contact us to schedule a consultation for custom work. We’re confident in our expertise and intuition, and that comes with a commitment to providing long term care for your jewelry. For help creating or discovering unique fine jewelry, please reach out to our studio at [email protected], or contact us by phone at (512) 453-7671.