About Our Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

What we wear defines us. From designs and materials to our preferred color palettes, these visual cues speak to our personalities and identities. At Shaesby, we create unique handcrafted jewelry with authentic qualities, evoking elegance and beauty in the unexpected. With unique forms and a tasteful contrast of materials, each piece is handmade with a genuine, natural balance.

The Nature of Adornment

In the materials we forge and craft into jewelry, we explore adornment in its purest form, with pared down silhouettes, and materials merged and mixed to highlight vibrant contrasts.

We work with 14 and 18 karat gold, sterling silver, and platinum. Harnessing these elements, our traditional techniques include hand forging and lost wax casting. These are used to create unique jewelry, handcrafted to underscore nuanced textures and original interpretations of light and luster.

Original, Unexpected Design

At our core, we seek forms that are at once visually arresting, yet familiar; designs that transcend seasons or trends. Wearing an original Shaesby design isn’t so much a statement as it is a validation of your own unique, inherent sensibilities.

We invite you to explore our collection of handcrafted jewelry online. Each handmade piece is designed and created with ethically-sourced stones and metal and derived from the creative intuition of our team of designers.

For more information about our unique handcrafted jewelry, please contact our studio.